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Who we are?

The QuitNow Story

QuitNow was created to help us quit smoking in 2011. Eventually, it was delivered to all mobile platforms. Since then, more than 8 million people downloaded QuitNow to quit smoking, and the World Health Organization recommended QuitNow to stop smoking.

How QuitNow works

Install on your phone. Open it. Tell it how much did you smoke, the price of your cigarette pack, and your quit date.

Then, QuitNow will help you keep on track by showing you your former smoker indicators. How many cigarettes have I avoided? How much money did I save? It will celebrate every single step forward by sharing health improvements and a lot of key achievements with you and offering a very active community of former smokers that will support you when you need to.

Launched on 2011

The top of mind app since its birth

Available worldwide

Translated to 22 languages

8 million downloads

and counting

We're ready for our close-up

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