Latest QuitNow update includes
a fresh, modern design

  • The Catalan application, recommended by the WHO, is celebrating 10 years since its launch

  • Over 400,000 users have downloaded the QuitNow app in 2021 alone

Quitting smoking is easier than ever. After months of research and studies, QuitNow, the app to quit smoking, is being modernised with a completely revamped design. A solid update that launched during the Christmas holidays after the team behind it spent the last year modernising the app’s usability with the aim of improving the user experience.

These changes come a year after the WHO recognised QuitNow as one of the best tools available to quit smoking. The new version, available now for iOS and Android, offers a fresher, more intuitive design that allows natural access to all the features and content users need to quit smoking.

The update boasts a completely new interface that offers smoother navigation thanks to the simplicity of the graphics and a host of new features, ensuring users access the most important content with minimal effort.

With this update, smokers wanting to quit smoking will have access to the various services offered by the app. Users who go premium will enjoy an even higher quality service: more milestones, more chats and no ads, for less than the price of a packet of cigarettes.

This new update is powered by Google-designed Flutter technology, which makes it possible to develop the same app for both iOS and Android in a more consolidated manner.

Smoking rates drop in 2021, according to the WHO

Worldwide tobacco use continues to decline, from 1.320 billion smokers in 2015 to 1.300 billion today. The latest World Health Organization (WHO) report projects 1.270 billion smokers by 2025.

The same study highlights that there are sixty countries already on track to achieve the voluntary global goal of a 30% reduction in tobacco use between 2010 and 2025.

The WHO points out that spending $1.68 a year per capita on smoking cessation measures through technology - such as free telephone hotlines, smoking cessation support or smartphone apps - it could help 152 million tobacco users quit by 2030, a goal that would save millions of lives and contribute to countries' long-term economic growth.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO launched a campaign to help people reduce tobacco use and recommended QuitNow as one of the most effective tools to quit smoking.

Over 400,000 downloads

This year alone, a total of 428,938 users worldwide have downloaded QuitNow for free on Android and iOS combined, bringing the total number of downloads to 8 million since the launch of the app.

QuitNow celebrates its 10th year

A decade ago, Esteve Aguilera, a smoker, decided to quit smoking. With no experience in programming, he taught himself just enough coding to launch an app to help other smokers quit. After many hours of YouTube tutorials and blog-reading, Esteve managed to release QuitNow on the market, the world’s first smoking cessation smartphone app. A year later, Esteve met Roc Boronat, who would help him polish the final result. Both partners would turn Fewlaps into the company that would allow them to monetise the app and see it grow in the years to come.

Fast forward ten years and QuitNow is available worldwide in 20 different languages ​​and is rated in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store with 4.6 stars and over 60,000 user reviews. The smoking cessation app was not only the first to be launched on the market, but has also been recognised by one of the world's leading healthcare organizations, the WHO.